Best way to dye your hair Strawberry Blonde

Hair dye has been one of the most demanded and used beauty products for years. It’s a chemical process that tint the hair with any color, and shade you want to have. Strawberry blonde is the rarest color on the planet, and there are few people who have the chance of having that color naturally. Strawberry blonde is a shade that incorporate both light tones of blonde hair with intense shades of red, making it possible for many women who want to have that beautiful color and look like the sexiest Hollywood stars. In that article I will show you the best tips that I have learned through my experience:

strawberry blonde hair

  1 Straighten your hair and remove any tangles from it. Hair dye must evenly coat each strand to produce even coloring, and any knots will prevent even penetration. 
 2 Open the hair dye package and mix the color with the activator according to the package directions. Shake the mixture well and allow it to sit for at least five minutes to fully blend before applying it to your hair. 
 3 Wrap an old towel around your shoulders to keep the dye from staining your clothes. Separate your hair into two sections, securing the top portion up on your head with a clip. Separating your hair makes it easier to get an even coat of dye all over your head without missing any strands.
 4 Apply the dye to the bottom portion of hair, rubbing it gently from the scalp to the ends of the strand for even application. Unclip your hair and coat the upper layer of hair, working slowly to prevent the dye from getting on your skin.
 5 Let the dye sit on your hair for 30 minutes, then wipe the dye from a small section of hair to see how dark the color is. Strawberry blonde dye will tint your hair a light red color, so checking it often will prevent you from getting your hair too dark. If the shade is not dark enough, check your hair in 10-minute increments until the right shade is achieved.
 6 Rinse the dye from your hair, scrubbing your scalp gently to remove all the dye. Apply the conditioner that came with the dye and allow it to sit for at least five minutes before rinsing thoroughly to moisturize your newly dyed strawberry blonde hair.

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