L'Revlon colorsilk or Garnier nutrisse for the bestest strawberry blond color

You want to have a rich color with brilliant shades, you want to keep your hair natural, beautiful, and looks so true, try this product. Through my experience, I've been using Colorsilk for over 20 years.

Best way to dye your hair Strawberry Blonde

The majority of the superstars dye their hair strawberry blonde, as we all saw at the Oscars night. That gives you a beautiful unique look that makes you different


What is strawberry blond hair color

Every women want to changing his looks they are a lot of ways , one of right ways is the coloring the hair.

Instructions for your strawberry blonde hair

The majority of the superstars dye their hair strawberry blonde, as we all saw at the Oscars night. That gives you a beautiful unique look that makes you different,

L'OREAL product for strawbery blonde hair color

strawbery blonde  hair color

 Multi-Faceted Shimmering Colour 3x Highlights, Permanent, Caramel Kiss 72

This product is not for you if you don’t want it to be noticed. It gets bright just after dying it, and it stays like that for several days if you are not wash it everyday. It gets more natural within a few days. Using that product you should be able to choose the right shirt that will fit the color of your hair, what can I recommend for you is wearing a bright red or a light brown shirt, those two colors are the best for that dye, through my experience I can tell you that these two are the best to tone it down. Believe me after dying your hair with that color you will get tons of compliment because of that color, and how it will give a beautiful shiny look, And most people will not even realize that is not natural. That actually happened to many several times, when people start asking me questions about my hair color, and when I tell them that it’s a home color, they are always stunned.
Finally, if you want just a touch of red or gold to be strawberry blonde, I can tell you that this color is not the best choice for you, this color is made to be red, only red, and its used by many Hollywood celebrities such as Lindsay lohan in her start at acting, her young age, Debra Messing, Marcia Cross, and Christina Hendrick. And another thing to tell is that if you have extremely a pale skin, that color which is red will not satisfy you need, and it will not look nice on your hair. The product is so easy to apply, and if you want to dye your hair red, I completely recommended it for you.


  • *  Easy to use                                                    
  • *  Great color                                                                           
  • *  Natural look                                                    
  • *  Gentle                                                              
  • *  Long-lasting  

Best Uses:         

  • * New look
  • * Touch ups
  • * Graying hair
  • * Thick hair

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Instructions for your strawberry blonde hair

The majority of the superstars dye their hair strawberry blonde, as we all saw at the Oscars night. That gives you a beautiful unique look that makes you different, very stylish and appealing. As we mentioned in the other articles before dying your hair strawberry blonde you must take into consideration some stuff in order to figure out if the color will fit your visage, your eye’s color, or even your shape. Through my experience I learned some actions that must be taken into consideration to not damage your hair, or destroy your beautiful image.

strawberry blonde hair dye

*Do not purchase strawberry blonde hair dye from some cheap brands, as it might not offer the desired effect.
*Never think the ones offered by the big brands for exorbitant rates are of high quality, as you   will get a better hair dye at affordable rates by other well-known brands.
*Get the exact brands of hair dye every time and do not mix and match.

*Do not make use of hair styling products such as blow dryers, curlers, irons, straightening irons on your hair after applying the strawberry blonde hair dye as it might make your hair very dry and can cause severe damage to your hair. Second, I will show you some techniques to maintain your hair strawberry blonde last longer: blond shade with strawberry hue. 

  They are discussed below:
  • Use shampoo and conditioner that is especially available for colored hair as it would help the hair color to stay longer.

  • Refrain from going out on the sun as it can damage the sheen and color of your hair color. If you have to go out then wear a scarf, hat or an umbrella.

  • Use a deep conditioner or a leave in conditioner or serum to nourish your colored hair, which would defend it from becoming dry and weak. You can use sun block hair spray with UV protection.

  •  Do not visit the beach or take a swim in the beach as salty water can damage your hair as it can make it  dry,  rough and unmanageable.

  • Refrain from hitting the swimming pools as it contains chlorine water, which is not good for your hair.

Best way to dye your hair Strawberry Blonde

Hair dye has been one of the most demanded and used beauty products for years. It’s a chemical process that tint the hair with any color, and shade you want to have. Strawberry blonde is the rarest color on the planet, and there are few people who have the chance of having that color naturally. Strawberry blonde is a shade that incorporate both light tones of blonde hair with intense shades of red, making it possible for many women who want to have that beautiful color and look like the sexiest Hollywood stars. In that article I will show you the best tips that I have learned through my experience:

strawberry blonde hair

  1 Straighten your hair and remove any tangles from it. Hair dye must evenly coat each strand to produce even coloring, and any knots will prevent even penetration. 
 2 Open the hair dye package and mix the color with the activator according to the package directions. Shake the mixture well and allow it to sit for at least five minutes to fully blend before applying it to your hair. 
 3 Wrap an old towel around your shoulders to keep the dye from staining your clothes. Separate your hair into two sections, securing the top portion up on your head with a clip. Separating your hair makes it easier to get an even coat of dye all over your head without missing any strands.
 4 Apply the dye to the bottom portion of hair, rubbing it gently from the scalp to the ends of the strand for even application. Unclip your hair and coat the upper layer of hair, working slowly to prevent the dye from getting on your skin.
 5 Let the dye sit on your hair for 30 minutes, then wipe the dye from a small section of hair to see how dark the color is. Strawberry blonde dye will tint your hair a light red color, so checking it often will prevent you from getting your hair too dark. If the shade is not dark enough, check your hair in 10-minute increments until the right shade is achieved.
 6 Rinse the dye from your hair, scrubbing your scalp gently to remove all the dye. Apply the conditioner that came with the dye and allow it to sit for at least five minutes before rinsing thoroughly to moisturize your newly dyed strawberry blonde hair.

Revlon colorsilk or Garnier nutrisse for the bestest strawberry blond color

Revlon colorslik haircolor

revlon colorsilk strawberry blonde hair dye
You want to have a rich color with brilliant shades, you want to keep your hair natural, beautiful, and looks so true, try this product. Through my experience, I've been using Colorsilk for over 20 years now and it still works better and looks better than any of the more expensive brands out there. It always gives me a multi-dimensional color - lots of highlights and lowlights. I always use the touch-up method and it never comes out too harsh (or over colors the ends). You can use various shades over the years and you even mix them and they've all given me the same great coloring. The coverage is great. I've tried the foams and mousse and cremes of all the major brands and have always been disappointed in comparison to this inexpensive hair color. On the other hand the product is very easy to use, and it doesn’t have a strong odor.

revlon colorsilk strawberry blonde hair dye

Garnier nutrisse hair coloring

GARNIER strawberry blonde hair dye

Its one of  the best strawberry blonde hair dye colors. It had sort of baby Nicole Kidman/Jane Asher red tones. From my experience that product is great and it has a lot of great things but it also has some bad effects on your hair. The Great Things are: first, the gloves in this pack are like cheap slightly hand shaped flat plastic gloves, they are nice hospital quality and style gloves, good for getting a nice grip on hair.
second, the Effect on your Hair: It doesn't kill your hair and it gives it a massive split ends like more brands.

                    For the bad effects I noticed the following :

  • First, The conditioner isn't really nice, it doesn't help to keep the colour locked like a salon brand conditioner or pantene will, it also doesn't have the amazing smell that the conditioners in Revlon have (banana scented) and it is hard to get all of it out of tube.
  • Second, that product takes longer time than it says to leave it on if you don't have super blonde hair, which sucks.
  • And finally, if you are not a natural strawberry blond head like I am, it turns your hair more of a blonde shade with pretty much no red in it, I am blonde and it did this to my hair when I tried it. But if you are a natural red head it worked.                                                                              

How to keep your strawberry blonde hair shiny

Is it blonde? Is it red? The answer is: it’s in between them. Many people confuse strawberry blonde hair color to red hair color but no. strawberry blond hair color is when red shades get closer to yellow shades.he  looks great only on people who have warm skin tone, and warm eye color, that’s why there is a very limited number of people around the world enjoy the beautiful natural strawberry blonde hair color.

strawberry blonde hair

strawberry blonde hairStrawberry blonde hair color suits people with warm complexion that can be a brown skin tone with pink or golden undertones or people with a freckled complexion, a ruddy complexion, or a pale complexion with peach or golden undertones. 
You have two options either you completely dye your hair strawberry blonde or just highlight it. If you choose the first option you have to dye your hair with a color having dark shade undertones such as dark brown or auburn. 
And if you want to highlight it strawberry blonde then it is going to be a great option. From my experience I will show you some important tips to safeguard you colored strawberry blonde hair as well as maintain the color vivid longer than usual.

    strawberry blonde hair
  •  First you must wash and clean you hair with spring water to help it dilute the nasty effect of the chemicals.
  •  Second you don’t have to expose your colored hair to sun rays, and if you are a sun fan, you can have your sun bath, but at least you need to wear a protective hats, scarves or hair care products having sunscreen in them.
  •  Third, I advice you to not brush your hair while wet, instead use a wide tooth comb to ensure a safe untangling of your hair, you can also use hair serum in order to protect your hair and take care of it better specially if it is colored . 
  • To sum up, we hope that you learn some interesting directions from our article, and we wish that you are going to use these tips in a good way to have a great hair with a rare color which is the strawberry blonde.                                   

Why you have to dye your hair strawberry blonde

Is it Red ? Is it blonde ? It s strawberry blonde ! Don t be bombed if you re not naturally strawberry blond because let s face it , only 1% of the world's population is redhead and 2% is naturally blond , what are the odds that you'll fall in the perfect middle of that genetically rare beauty?
We said it over and over 2013 was the year of redhead but dont break those firy looks yet , 2014 has more to come .
Now that you don't have to choose between going blond or being a redhead , you should probably wonder if it would look right on you . Well roll up you sleeves and get ready! No literally , roll those sleeves up and take a look at the color of your veins on your forearms, if they are blue you probably have cool skin undertones, and if they are green then you have warm undertones
Strawberry blonde hair dye
Skin tone is one of the most important considerations when dying your hair , that is an irrefutable truth , so don't miss on taking your time on assessing it ? Done ? Great ! If you fall in the warm skin tone category then go as warm as you can with the color and make sure to add some dark shading into that , you do not want to go too bright . For cool skin tones , you might want to pop some blonde highlights along with your reddish blonde hair just to give it that hollywood red carpet touch . Feeling extra spicy ? Try a blended combination of baby blond and copper reds for an all fire fierce look!
Now you wonder how on earth you will get that color , say no more and head first to the best colorist you know because this color combination is everything but easy to obtain and only a well trained colorist can give you that .the point is falling just between the fun blonde dreamy locks and the fire fierce redhead and you re not going anywhere near that for less than a trip to the colorist !

Strawberry blonde hair dye
Last but not least , red is one of the hardest colors to maintain so what you want to do is ask your colorist for a permanent hair dye especially is have them hair whites popping up ! You also want to get a hair shampoo , conditioner , serum.... The whole package ! Who said having (well... Getting) the rarest hair color will be cheap? But if you ask me .... Is it worth it ? Very single penny . Would I go for it ? All over again is my answer !    
Strawberry blonde hair dye

the mix (blonde and red vs gold)

Strawberry hair color is a wonderful  shade and it’s a rare natural hair color to truly be born with so if you born with strawberry hair you are very lucky . It is a mix between blonde & red  with  spun gold. And  we have two hair colors expressed  the determination of beauty and sexy ,  Redheads and blondes.

Strawberry blonde hair dye

Strawberry blonde hair dye  We know now  clearly that the real tone of a strawberry blonde is Mixture between red and pallid blonde and you can controled wich the color you want by  mixed in a color bowl is either a little more yellow or red into the formula which depends on the natural hair color .however It can't be a easy color to specify what the right shade of strawberry blonde can be on each women,  any lady with natural red, or blonde hair  can add shades of strawberry blonde provided that  wear warm toned "cloding and makeup".

If  you want to change your look or want  an  amazing transformation ,strawberry blonde shades are a best alternative to add  as a  amazing all over hair color.

scarlett jonhson Strawberry blonde hair dye

What is strawberry blond hair color

strawberry blonde hair dye Every women want to changing his looks  they are a lot of ways , one of right ways is the  coloring the hair . some ladies prefer highlights and two-tone coloring,  and  others want to see more natural shades on their hair. , red color  is the  top trend   now. It doesn’t mean that you have to take the first pack of dye you see in the  beauty shop or the beauty salon and color your hair. Firstly, you need to see what colors will go completely with your skin and   face shape  & eyes.  we will see the type of ladies who can easily do a strawberry blonde hair color.

Essentially  all people are splited into two categories by flesh-colour, " Strawberry blonde" and"honey blonde",  So let’s start with characterization of their special features. ‘cozy’ people are assumed to have " green" "golden-brown" "brown" or" green-blue" "hazel" eyes.
Their skin is lighting, with red or pink hair . 
They oftentimes have freckles. 

Nowadays  a lot of people preference the strawberry blonde hair . It’s a common style for the majority of women who would like to try and make a beautiful transformation to their look. Moreover, many ladies  not sure about right hair color, the marking of dyes offers a variety of washable hues like semi-permanent coloring kits.

strawberry blonde hair dye strawberry blonde hair dye strawberry blonde hair dye strawberry blonde hair dye

strawberry blonde hair dye

With strawberry blonde you get a little of both worlds " blonde and red" if you confuse between the red color and blonde. The most beautiful things of red is mixed with tender blonde to create a special image you will be exited with ,you need  to make strawberry blonde highlights and create a new look, If you wear a natural blonde hair, with just a couple of dyed strands.
In addition to the fact that strawberry blonde mix  red and blonde, it help you to look like 10 years less your appearance. Many ladies can show off  having this natural hair hue, and honey blonde can be created with just few strokes of the brush.   

The strawberry blonde hair dye

Nowadays  a lot of people preference the strawberry blonde hair . It’s a Favorite style for the majority of women who would like to try and make a beautiful transformation to their look, because it's a rarest color.

You looking for the best Strawberry Blonde permanent hair color, and not too vibrant like most other reds and   correspond your original color, easy to apply, leaves your hair silky soft, for a full 6 weeks.
  • Regardless  your problem  you have a "white hairs" or you want your hair looks so natural .
  •  To enhance your natural strawberry blond hair .
  • Your hair is naturally ash blond .
  • You have a curly hair and you want  a very natural red color  don't worry everything is possible .

strawberry blonde hair dye A lot of women have used this same color for years with a couple failed attempts at switching to other dyes from other brands, and without a good result from today don't worry , you want to use a  good product for stawberry blonde hair , It doesn't destroy may hair, the conditioner it comes with does a good job of leaving it soft, and you get a lot of compliments on your hair color.

 The red color washes out really quick, this is characteristic of all red  dyes , something about the red molecule being the largest or something like that, This doesn't matter if you go to a salon or a box, the red color will always fade the quickest. that's the big problem of strawberry blonde hair dye .that's what why ladies want a products so easy to use and the odor was neither strong nor unpleasant, for the best Strawberry Blonde hair.


In order to get a strawberry blonde hair , you can mix dyes (stay within the same brand and line). Eg: From preference, you would mix copper blonde with a medium or dark ash blonde for best result.

Back to mixing dyes: It is possible to buy two different shades, but they need to be the same brand. You would prep both dyes together in the same container. However, it does take some . For example, a copper blonde would have red in it with some yellew "blonde", if you were to mix a copper blonde with a golden blonde "lots of yellow", you would end up with bright orange. But if you mixed a copper blonde with an ash blonde, the ash blonde isn't that yellow, so the result would not be bright orange.

Also, with the strawberry blonde , you found that over time, the red would fade fastest. So, if you dyed your faded hair with another strawberry blonde, the color would end up very orange, or pink. This is why you may want to consider going to a stylist or use a very good product. Strawberry blonde is such a delicate mix of reds and yellow, it can go bad so easily, It's different than dying brown hair brown.

Strawberry Blonde Hair Dye Tutorial

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