Revlon colorsilk or Garnier nutrisse for the bestest strawberry blond color

Revlon colorslik haircolor
revlon colorsilk strawberry blonde hair dye
You want to have a rich color with brilliant shades, you want to keep your hair natural, beautiful, and looks so true, try this product. Through my experience, I've been using Colorsilk for over 20 years now and it still works better and looks better than any of the more expensive brands out there. It always gives me a multi-dimensional color - lots of highlights and lowlights. I always use the touch-up method and it never comes out too harsh (or over colors the ends). You can use various shades over the years and you even mix them and they've all given me the same great coloring. The coverage is great. I've tried the foams and mousse and cremes of all the major brands and have always been disappointed in comparison to this inexpensive hair color. On the other hand the product is very easy to use, and it doesn’t have a strong odor.

revlon colorsilk strawberry blonde hair dye

Garnier nutrisse hair coloring

GARNIER strawberry blonde hair dye
Its one of  the best strawberry blonde hair dye colors. It had sort of baby Nicole Kidman/Jane Asher red tones. From my experience that product is great and it has a lot of great things but it also has some bad effects on your hair. The Great Things are: first, the gloves in this pack are like cheap slightly hand shaped flat plastic gloves, they are nice hospital quality and style gloves, good for getting a nice grip on hair.
second, the Effect on your Hair: It doesn't kill your hair and it gives it a massive split ends like more brands.

                    For the bad effects I noticed the following :

  • First, The conditioner isn't really nice, it doesn't help to keep the colour locked like a salon brand conditioner or pantene will, it also doesn't have the amazing smell that the conditioners in Revlon have (banana scented) and it is hard to get all of it out of tube.
  • Second, that product takes longer time than it says to leave it on if you don't have super blonde hair, which sucks.
  • And finally, if you are not a natural strawberry blond head like I am, it turns your hair more of a blonde shade with pretty much no red in it, I am blonde and it did this to my hair when I tried it. But if you are a natural red head it worked.                                                                              

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