Instructions for your strawberry blonde hair

The majority of the superstars dye their hair strawberry blonde, as we all saw at the Oscars night. That gives you a beautiful unique look that makes you different, very stylish and appealing. As we mentioned in the other articles before dying your hair strawberry blonde you must take into consideration some stuff in order to figure out if the color will fit your visage, your eye’s color, or even your shape. Through my experience I learned some actions that must be taken into consideration to not damage your hair, or destroy your beautiful image.

 the best strawberry blonde hair dye

*Do not purchase strawberry blonde hair dye from some cheap brands, as it might not offer the desired effect.
*Never think the ones offered by the big brands for exorbitant rates are of high quality, as you   will get a better hair dye at affordable rates by other well-known brands.
*Get the exact brands of hair dye every time and do not mix and match.

*Do not make use of hair styling products such as blow dryers, curlers, irons, straightening irons on your hair after applying the strawberry blonde hair dye as it might make your hair very dry and can cause severe damage to your hair. Second, I will show you some techniques to maintain your hair strawberry blonde last longer: blond shade with strawberry hue. 

  They are discussed below:
  • Use shampoo and conditioner that is especially available for colored hair as it would help the hair color to stay longer.

  • Refrain from going out on the sun as it can damage the sheen and color of your hair color. If you have to go out then wear a scarf, hat or an umbrella.

  • Use a deep conditioner or a leave in conditioner or serum to nourish your colored hair, which would defend it from becoming dry and weak. You can use sun block hair spray with UV protection.

  •  Do not visit the beach or take a swim in the beach as salty water can damage your hair as it can make it  dry,  rough and unmanageable.

  • Refrain from hitting the swimming pools as it contains chlorine water, which is not good for your hair.

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