How to keep your strawberry blonde hair shiny

Is it blonde? Is it red? The answer is: it’s in between them. Many people confuse strawberry blonde hair color to red hair color but no. strawberry blond hair color is when red shades get closer to yellow shades.he  looks great only on people who have warm skin tone, and warm eye color, that’s why there is a very limited number of people around the world enjoy the beautiful natural strawberry blonde hair color. blonde hair color suits people with warm complexion that can be a brown skin tone with pink or golden undertones or people with a freckled complexion, a ruddy complexion, or a pale complexion with peach or golden undertones. 
You have two options either you completely dye your hair strawberry blonde or just highlight it. If you choose the first option you have to dye your hair with a color having dark shade undertones such as dark brown or auburn. 
And if you want to highlight it strawberry blonde then it is going to be a great option. From my experience I will show you some important tips to safeguard you colored strawberry blonde hair as well as maintain the color vivid longer than usual.
  •  First you must wash and clean you hair with spring water to help it dilute the nasty effect of the chemicals.
  •  Second you don’t have to expose your colored hair to sun rays, and if you are a sun fan, you can have your sun bath, but at least you need to wear a protective hats, scarves or hair care products having sunscreen in them.
  •  Third, I advice you to not brush your hair while wet, instead use a wide tooth comb to ensure a safe untangling of your hair, you can also use hair serum in order to protect your hair and take care of it better specially if it is colored . 
  • To sum up, we hope that you learn some interesting directions from our article, and we wish that you are going to use these tips in a good way to have a great hair with a rare color which is the strawberry blonde.                                   

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