Why you have to dye your hair strawberry blonde

Is it Red ? Is it blonde ? It s strawberry blonde ! Don t be bombed if you re not naturally strawberry blond because let s face it , only 1% of the world's population is redhead and 2% is naturally blond , what are the odds that you'll fall in the perfect middle of that genetically rare beauty?
We said it over and over 2013 was the year of redhead but dont break those firy looks yet , 2014 has more to come .
Now that you don't have to choose between going blond or being a redhead , you should probably wonder if it would look right on you . Well roll up you sleeves and get ready! No literally , roll those sleeves up and take a look at the color of your veins on your forearms, if they are blue you probably have cool skin undertones, and if they are green then you have warm undertones
Skin tone is one of the most important considerations when dying your hair , that is an irrefutable truth , so don't miss on taking your time on assessing it ? Done ? Great ! If you fall in the warm skin tone category then go as warm as you can with the color and make sure to add some dark shading into that , you do not want to go too bright . For cool skin tones , you might want to pop some blonde highlights along with your reddish blonde hair just to give it that hollywood red carpet touch . Feeling extra spicy ? Try a blended combination of baby blond and copper reds for an all fire fierce look!
Now you wonder how on earth you will get that color , say no more and head first to the best colorist you know because this color combination is everything but easy to obtain and only a well trained colorist can give you that .the point is falling just between the fun blonde dreamy locks and the fire fierce redhead and you re not going anywhere near that for less than a trip to the colorist !

Last but not least , red is one of the hardest colors to maintain so what you want to do is ask your colorist for a permanent hair dye especially is have them hair whites popping up ! You also want to get a hair shampoo , conditioner , serum.... The whole package ! Who said having (well... Getting) the rarest hair color will be cheap? But if you ask me .... Is it worth it ? Very single penny . Would I go for it ? All over again is my answer !    

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